For the girls? Sugar and spice and all things nice. For the boys: frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails.

Kingdom - Rosa Novias : 2015 Flower Girl Dresses Online shop

I do with Little Bevan

It is imperative that the brides loyal little are suitable attired Luckily, bespoke childrens couturier Little Bevan has some stunning designs in its latest ready. to wear collection The Alice dresses made in ivory silk with a full gathered skirt short puffed sleeves, and an elegant round neckline this summer dress your bridesmaids in special 'Jubilympics' presses patriotic red, white and blue sashes Founder Sarah Colfer's award winning boutique, based in Pimlico (a hop away from Sloane Square), showcases the brand's unique couture range, as we'll as the recently launched Little Bevan star ready to wear line.

Kingdom - Rosa Novias : 2015 Flower Girl Dresses Online shop

Charming Chloe

Like her adult counterpart, the Chloe girl embodies elegance and softness To suit her adventurous lifestyle by day. comfortable basics available from the latest collection include rompers, loosely fitting dresses and flowing skirts Signature nude, beige and caramel tones are met with cherry reds, dark purples, soda pinks and electric greens for a modern colour blocking effect Applique flowers accentuate outfits perfect for summer panics and days spent in the sun. and beads and sequins have been added to evening outfits for sophisticated glamour and decadence.